/Graphic design



Hemmingsen Brewery

Creative Director:

Bobby Magallanes

Branding, Design, Digital, Print
About This Project

The Hemmingsen Brewery brand was derived from the origins of the Hemmingsen name. The founder’s family descended from Denmark. So for the brand identity, a traditional Danish fishing vessel was used an inspiration. From the identity mark to the shape of the bottle label, to rustic textures and colors of the brewery’s interior, all assets were thoughtfully design to create a cohesive brand experience.


Favorite part of the project was the beer names:

  • Foreign Stout: Dallas Foreign
  • Rye Amber: Bronze Age
  • Imperial Stout: Forkbeard
  • Belgian Pale: Glacial Rebound
  • Cream Ale: Pete & RePete
  • Brown Ale: Bierardelli